General SourceForge Outage

Check the Operations feed for updates. is still up, but updates will be posted here rather than there since the website source resides in our SourceForge CVS repository, too.

  • If you’re using selfupdate-cvs, that won’t work
  • selfupdate-rsync will still work, but until cvs is back online there won’t be any new packages.
  • Developers can’t commit packages currently, so users aren’t actually missing out on much.
  • The mailing lists and bug tracker are out, so please post bug reports for unmaintained packages here.  If a package has a listed maintainer, contact them, and then post here in a few days (1) if you haven’t gotten a response in a few days, and (2) if the mailing lists aren’t back up.

3 responses to “General SourceForge Outage

  1. General services (web and mailing lists) seem to have been restored, but CVS is still out.

  2. Developer CVS is back up. Anonymous CVS had been up momentarily, but it’s back down.

  3. It looks like anonymous CVS service has been restored. For now.

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