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fink-0.37.1 released

fink-0.37.1 was released on 20 September, 2014.
This release fixes bootstrapping on 10.9 under Xcode 6.x, among other fixes and enhancements.
In addition, this release adds official 10.9.4 and 10.9.5 support.

fink-0.36.5 and fink-0.37.0 released. End of official support for 10.6.

fink-0.37.0 and fink-0.37.0 were released on 4 June, 2014. These fink releases contain fixes for Java detection on 10.6 if older versions of Apple’s Java SDK are installed. fink-0.37.0 officially recognizes OS 10.9.3. In addition, Fink’s compiler wrappers are now installed directly by the fink package to make for easier modifications.

fink-0.36.5 marks the end of 10.6 support by the Fink Project. Users who want package updates should contact the maintainers of the respective packages. Unmaintained packages can be updated by request as well.

Sorry about the gap in posting.  Check out

for missing items.

fink-0.36.1 released.

fink-0.36.1 was released on 17 November, 2013.
This release fixes an intermittent bug in building Perl modules
which was introduced with fink-0.36.0. We encourage our users to
install fink-0.36.1 to rectify this issue, and if you are having
problems with installing a Perl module, use fink rebuild
on it.

In addition, the bootstrap script now validates whether the Mavericks
command-line build tools are installed on that OS version, and prevents
folks from bootstrapping with the wrong tools.

fink-0.36.0 released.

fink-0.36.0 was released on 31 October, 2013.  This  is the first fink release to support Mavericks. 

We’re still in the process of getting the distribution fully up and running for that OS, so reports of problems or successes are appreciated.

fink-0.35.2 released.

fink-0.35.2 was released on 27 September, 2013.
This release adds support for Xcode 5 for OS 10.8, along with other fixes and enhancements. fink-0.35.0 also formally recognizes OS 10.8.5.


fink-0.34.9 and fink-0.35.0 released. EOL for OS 10.5

fink-0.34.9 and fink-0.35.0 were released on 5 July, 2013.
These releases contain improvements to tar file extraction and Java detection., along with other fixes and enhancements. fink-0.35.0 also formally recognizes
OS 10.8.4.

fink-0.34.9 is the last version that supports OS 10.5 (Leopard).  The Fink Project has officially discontinued support for that OS version.

New new hosting outage

You may have noticed that is unavailable again.  We regret the inconvenience, believe me.

As before, this also affects distribution of updated package descriptions via the rsync mirrors.  The following two workarounds are available:

  1. Use fink selfupdate-cvs to switch to CVS updating, since CVS service is not affected.
  2. Use a different rsync mirror.  The following mirrors update directly from CVS and are not affected by the outage:
    The easiest option to change this is to edit /sw/etc/fink.conf as a super user (e.g. by using sudo nano /sw/etc/fink.conf) and change the Mirror-rsync line directly.

The disruption also affects the mirroring of package sources.  The following two workarounds are suggested:

  1. Use fink configure --mirror and select option 2 at the first prompt, then go through and just hit return to leave everything else unchanged.  This will have fink try to download from the original source first.
  2. Use a different master mirror.  The following mirrors  are not affected by the outage:
    The easiest option to change this is to edit /sw/etc/fink.conf as a super user (e.g. by using sudo nano /sw/etc/fink.conf) and change the Mirror-master line directly. (also redirected from has current content, but doesn’t have the package database or RSS feed.

Check back here for updates.