fink-0.36.0 released.

fink-0.36.0 was released on 31 October, 2013.  This  is the first fink release to support Mavericks. 

We’re still in the process of getting the distribution fully up and running for that OS, so reports of problems or successes are appreciated.

2 responses to “fink-0.36.0 released.

  1. The packages database no longer works on Is texlive available yet? Is there another way of finding out which packages are available?

  2. texlive is listed as available. However, we’re using the same tree as for 10.7/10.8, so we’ve got more packages available right now that may not work, either due to not building or missing dependencies.

    The cvs browser still works:

    Anything with a “” is definitely available and tested on 10.9. Anything with an explicit marking of “Distribution 10.7, 10.8” or with just one of those OS versions currently doesn’t work.

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