New new hosting outage

You may have noticed that is unavailable again.  We regret the inconvenience, believe me.

As before, this also affects distribution of updated package descriptions via the rsync mirrors.  The following two workarounds are available:

  1. Use fink selfupdate-cvs to switch to CVS updating, since CVS service is not affected.
  2. Use a different rsync mirror.  The following mirrors update directly from CVS and are not affected by the outage:
    The easiest option to change this is to edit /sw/etc/fink.conf as a super user (e.g. by using sudo nano /sw/etc/fink.conf) and change the Mirror-rsync line directly.

The disruption also affects the mirroring of package sources.  The following two workarounds are suggested:

  1. Use fink configure --mirror and select option 2 at the first prompt, then go through and just hit return to leave everything else unchanged.  This will have fink try to download from the original source first.
  2. Use a different master mirror.  The following mirrors  are not affected by the outage:
    The easiest option to change this is to edit /sw/etc/fink.conf as a super user (e.g. by using sudo nano /sw/etc/fink.conf) and change the Mirror-master line directly. (also redirected from has current content, but doesn’t have the package database or RSS feed.

Check back here for updates.

11 responses to “New new hosting outage

  1. What about installing fink for the first time? I don’t have fink installed yet to run fink selfupdate…. so, I get timeout errors when trying to download the packages when running bootstrap. How to I tell bootstrap to use the right servers, or otherwise install fink brand new on a machine when the servers are down?

  2. random guy on the internet

    I’m having the same problem.

  3. The packages that the bootstrap requires should _already_ be mirrored. I just did a bootstrap with the default North America settings with no download hiccups.

  4. Website is down as of 2August2013, 1800GMT. Returns ping, but does not load.

  5. If xs4all is no longer committed to fink, can the project be relocated? These outages are very frustrating. There are a lot of us who love fink and don’t want to see this project suffer.

  6. It could, _if_ we could get the DNS entry relocated. That’s a separate issue: the person who handled that hasn’t been active in the project for a while now and I don’t know if he’s got time to do that.

  7. The site is down for already 3 months. This gives to an outsider like myself the impression of a dead project. Are there any substitutes for X11 on mac?

  8. @Yaniv: We haven’t provided X11 since 10.5 came out, so I’m not sure what you mean here.

    We’re still working on trying to get a new server, but at least redirects to our backup site now.

  9. Well, I was trying to find out what are the packages that you support on mount lion. Do you have any way of obtaining that information? And I have not meant X11 itself, but the applications.

  10. Ah, that makes sense.
    Unfortunately, the backup site doesn’t currently have the package database tools installed. The best options currently to find out what packages are available for Mountain Lion without having Fink installed are:
    1) Ask someone who does
    2) Check the cvs browser:

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