New hosting outage

You may have noticed that is unavailable again.  We regret the inconvenience, believe me.

As before, this also affects distribution of updated package descriptions via the rsync mirrors.  The following two workarounds are available:

  1. Use fink selfupdate-cvs to switch to CVS updating, since CVS service is not affected.
  2. Use a different rsync mirror.  The following mirrors update directly from CVS and are not affected by the outage:
    The easiest option to change this is to edit /sw/etc/fink.conf as a super user (e.g. by using sudo nano /sw/etc/fink.conf) and change the Mirror-rsync line directly.

The disruption also affects the mirroring of package sources.  The following two workarounds are suggested:

  1. Use fink configure --mirror and select option 2 at the first prompt, then go through and just hit return to leave everything else unchanged.  This will have fink try to download from the original source first.
  2. Use a different master mirror.  The following mirrors  are not affected by the outage:
    The easiest option to change this is to edit /sw/etc/fink.conf as a super user (e.g. by using sudo nano /sw/etc/fink.conf) and change the Mirror-master line directly.

The online documentation is still available through the Sourceforge CVS browser.   

Check back here for updates.


16 responses to “New hosting outage

  1. Thanks. Sadly with rsync:// or
    rsync:// I get “Connection refused” 😦

  2. Both rsync:// and rsync:// work from here.

  3. Thanks for the confirmation. Must have been a firewall issue in the office. At home it works 🙂

  4. Quite likely. Rsync is often blocked in firewall setups.

  5. Hi, I am new on Fink and I need it for learning purposes. From where I can download the installation package during the outage so I can start using it?

  6. Fortunately, this outage doesn’t directly affect your ability to install Fink. You can download the source from
    and follow the instructions in
    (or the similar instructions in the INSTALL documents in the fink source).

  7. Perhaps we’ve got some of these beasts in our webserver server closet as well ?

  8. Why has the fink website been down for 3 weeks?

  9. Because the machine where it lives is being hosted on a donated basis, at a location where there are no project members, so we don’t have dedicated support.

  10. We do have a backup currently:

  11. Hosting…. I don’t have much by the way of funds, but I have some infrastructure at my disposal . . maybe it needs more attention or capacity than I could spare . . who do I speak to?

  12. is probably the best place to start.

  13. We’re back up and running again.

  14. William NIcholson

    The site appears to be down again. Also, searching the package database does not work on the backup/ mirror website.

  15. Yeah. Unfortunately the package database is generated on the local machine, and the developer who provided the backup box doesn’t have it running yet.

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