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I just discovered that XQuartz on Mountain Lion does some annoying things to my PATH, changing:


in a Terminal window to


in an xterm.

The duplicate entries aren’t so bad, but moving the system directories in front of Fink’s is annoying.  Running pathsetup.sh again doesn’t change this, unfortunately.  I came up with a script which lets me reorder the PATH by blocks and remove via a pattern match any items I don’t want.  As an afterthought, it removes duplicates, too.  By running

export PATH=`pathformat.pl --delete=X11R6`

I am able to restore the PATH settings to the xterm that I have in my Terminal window. The pathformat.pl script follows:

#!/usr/bin/env perl -w # Read in the PATH environment variable and # 1) Strip out duplicate entries # 2) Delete entries matching a pattern given by instances of the --delete flag # 3)…

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  1. Im having a hard time getting my database directories pathsetup file to work. this script looks to be the fix.. Thanks

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