Sourceforge CVS outage

Access to Sourceforge’s CVS server is currently down.  The issue appears to be known:

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.  The best recommendation at this point is to apply  workaround #2 from


4 responses to “Sourceforge CVS outage

  1. John Bollinger

    Since Sourceforge CVS came back up yesterday, I have been trying to do a fink selfupdate over CVS (my organization blocks rsync). I can connect to the server, but it’s wedged. Every 30 seconds I get a message “cvs checkout [] waiting for anoncvs_fink’s lock in /cvsroot/fink/dists”. I left it going yesterday, and it did that all night. Interrupting fink and trying again produces the same result. Is there any chance of getting this resolved soon?


  2. Talk to Sourceforge about it. We can only do that, too–we have no particular control or influence over their operations.

  3. CVS access should be fully restored.

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