fink-0.33.0 released 2012-06-11

fink-0.33.0 was released on 6 June, 2012. This release introduces some new features:

Starting with this version of fink, packages will be built as an unprivileged user by default, which prevents the build process from installing files in the rest of the filesystem. (Prior to fink-0.33.0 we relied on maintainers to test their packages using this method). Users may find that some packages don’t build in this mode, so we appreciate feedback, as always, to help us find and correct problems.

In addition, we have added some additional options for maintainers in this Fink version:

  • /sw/Library/Python has been added to the list of valid directories in a package, to provide a unified location to install modules built against a built-in Python.
  • There is now an virtual package for packages that use xcodebuild to BuildDepend upon. Its version is the version of The xcode virtual package has always been based on the presence of the command-line tools, and now its version is the version of those. Note that xcode and are the same for Xcodes prior to 4.3.

One response to “fink-0.33.0 released 2012-06-11

  1. fink-0.33.1 has been released on 12 June 2012 to address a couple of bugs in fink-0.33.0

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