Handy one-liner for maintainers

I maintain a large enough collection of Fink packages that I sometimes forget to check for upstream updates regularly. I’ve come up with a one-line script that meets my needs:

for URL in `fink list -t -m alexkhansen | cut -f2 \
| xargs fink dumpinfo -fhomepage | cut -d\  -f2 | sort \
| uniq | grep -v undefined | grep -v Obsolete ` ; \
do open $URL ; read LINE ; done

This grabs a list of my packages, finds their home pages, removes duplicates, entries that show “undefined”, e.g. bundles, and Obsolete, i.e. packages that are obsolete.  It then opens one page at a time–since I don’t want to bring my machine to a crawl by opening all of them. 🙂


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