Fink and Lion

OS X 10.7 “Lion” was released on July 20, 2011, along with fink-0.31.0. We want to let Fink
users know what to expect if updating.

First, the fink program itself will not run on a system which has been upgraded to Lion, so it is not possible currently to update a Fink installation in place. However, is possible to use the dpkg program to extract a list of the Fink packages which are currently installed so that they can be reinstalled
under 10.7. Use

dpkg --get-selections | cut -f1 > fink_packages.txt

before updating to 10.7 to dump the package names to a text file, and

cat fink_packages.txt | xargs fink install

once you have installed Fink on 10.7.

To upgrade Fink after upgrading to Lion, one will have to bootstrap
Fink again, using a tarball for fink-0.31.0 or later. If you want to use the same directory (e.g. /sw) for Fink that you were using on 10.6, you’ll need to remove that before bootstrapping, since the bootstrap doesn’t allow you to overwrite an existing Fink tree.

Second, due to lots of changes under the hood, there currently are many fewer
Fink packages which build under 10.7 as opposed to 10.6. Thus, even if you’ve extracted a list of Fink packages which had been installed under 10.6, some of them may not yet be installable under 10.7. We are currently creating a database showing which packages can be successfully installed under 10.7, and work is ongoing to add packages.

10.7 introduces several drastic changes to how the system works. While this may
cause a slight delay in full Fink functionality in the short term, it will
make Fink work better in the future.


One response to “Fink and Lion

  1. An alternate command to get your installed package information is:

    grep -B1 "install ok installed" /sw/var/lib/dpkg/status | grep Package | cut -d: -f2 > fink_packages.txt

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