Some statistics II

I published some statistics last Saturday. Let’s see what’s happened in one week (the difference with regard to last week is shown inside parentheses).

As usual, these statistics refer to package description files. A package description is a .info file that describes the information that Fink needs in order to manage packages. Sometimes a package is split into multiple .info files (e.g. and It is also possible that a single .info file defines multiple packages: split-offs, different Perl/Python/… versions, -mac/-x11, etc. I’ve also counted a .info file that is in both stable and unstable as a single file.

Currently Fink has 5,153 (+42) .info files split into the following sections:

Section # of Pkgs
libs/perlmods 659 (+1)
libs 446 (+3)
sci 426 (+5)
kde 338 (+4)
utils 325 (+2)
gnome 332 (+16)
crypto 316 (+2)
net 298 (+5)
devel 252 (+0)
text 232 (+1)
graphics 232 (+1)
kde/po 186 (+0)
games 180 (+0)
languages 165 (+0)
sound 146 (+2)
x11 135 (+0)
editors 124 (+0)
base 94 (+0)
libs/pythonmods 74 (+0)
web 68 (+0)
x11-wm 59 (+0)
database 53 (+0)
libs/rubymods 46 (+0)
shells 17 (+0)
x11-system 4 (+0)

The top 10 maintainers are

Maintainer # of Pkgs
Benjamin Reed 837 (+3)
No maintainer 549 (+0)
Jack Fink 538 (+12)
Daniel Macks 249 (+2)
The Gnome Core Team 210 (+14)
Todai Fink Team 150 (+0)
Daniel Johnson 143 (+2)
Christian Schaffner 122 (+0)
Ben Hines 102 (+1)
Dave Morrison 99 (+0)
Kurt Schwehr 88 (+0)

These 10 top maintainers (excluding “No maintainer”) are responsible for 2,538 (+34) (49%) package descriptions, having been responsible for 34 (81%) of the new package descriptions added this week. Out of 286 maintainers, 123 (43%) of them maintain only one package description, and 209 (73%) of them maintain five or less package descriptions.

There are 549 (11%) unmaintained package descriptions. Do you feel like adopting a package? 🙂


3 responses to “Some statistics II

  1. Alex Hansen

    Christian Schaffner hasn’t had time for Fink in a while; I think Ben Hines occasionally still updates stuf.

  2. Yeah, I’m interested in adopting a package! Where do I find a list of the ‘unmaintained’ packages? If I were to adopt one, I’d need to know if it were a feasible task! How much Fink/OSX/Unix skill is involved?

  3. @John: I’ve written some information on unmaintained packages in the first statistics post,

    Work on a package varies a lot. Some of them require a lot of tweaking in order to work on Mac OS X, others are pretty easy (partly due to previous work on porting to Mac). In general, packages with small package descriptions (.info files) and no patch files (.patch) are the easiest to maintain.

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