Some statistics

I’ve decided to gather some Fink package description statistics. A package description is a .info file that describes the information that Fink needs in order to manage packages. Sometimes a package is split into multiple .info files (e.g. and It is also possible that a single .info file defines multiple packages: split-offs, different Perl/Python/… versions, -mac/-x11, etc. I’ve also counted a .info file that is in both stable and unstable as a single file. That said, the statistics in this post refer to .info files.

Currently Fink has 5,111 .info files split into the following sections:

Section # of Pkgs
libs/perlmods 658
libs 443
sci 421
kde 334
utils 323
gnome 316
crypto 314
net 293
devel 252
text 231
graphics 231
kde/po 186
games 180
languages 165
sound 144
x11 135
editors 124
base 94
libs/pythonmods 74
web 68
x11-wm 59
database 53
libs/rubymods 46
shells 17
x11-system 4


The top 10 maintainers are

Maintainer # of Pkgs
Benjamin Reed 834
No maintainer 549
Jack Fink 526
Daniel Macks 247
The Gnome Core Team 196
Todai Fink Team 150
Daniel Johnson 141
Christian Schaffner 122
Ben Hines 101
Dave Morrison 99
Kurt Schwehr 88


These 10 top maintainers (excluding “No maintainer”) are responsible for 2504 (49%) package descriptions. Out of 286 maintainers, 123 (43%) of them maintain only one  package description, and 209 (73%) of them maintain five or less package descriptions.

There are 549 (11%) unmaintained package descriptions. Do you feel like adopting a package? 🙂

Update: for those who are interested in becoming packaging maintainers:

  • the list of unmaintained packages can be obtained via the command
    fink list –maintainer=None
  • the package description (.info) files are located under /sw/fink/dists. To locate a particular .info file, run
    find -L /sw/fink/dists -name
  • the packaging tutorial and the packaging manual are your main source of information, as well as the .info files present in the distribution
  • new/updated packages should be submitted to the Submissions tracker. Don’t forget to validate them first!
  • the fink-devel mailing list and the #fink channel on are your friends.

6 responses to “Some statistics

  1. I’d wish to adopt a package but I don’t know where to start. Maybe the people behind the Fink project could prepare some documentation and screencasts to teach how to package. That could make it easier for novices, like me.

  2. That’s great news, Javier! I’ve edited the post to include some information on packaging. We intend to have some packaging tutorials in this blog. Stay tuned!

  3. Thanks for the information! I’ll read it.

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  6. Hi monipol,

    Any way to gather or obtain some statistics about how many users downloaded a given package using fink, or how many times and where the packages were downloaded?


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